Dating Tips – Are You Being Friend-zoned?

You have been friends with her for a long time. You think you have good chemistry, but you’re not sure about whether she likes you or not. When you make a move, she lets you down by saying that she only sees you as a friend. You might want to avoid this kind of humiliation by knowing whether you’ve been friend-zoned already.
There are certain signs that will tell you that she only regards you as a friend and some dating tips on how to handle it, such as the following:

• She is comfortable talking to you about her dates. This is one of the most significant signs that you’re on your way to being friend-zoned. But you have to be careful about assessing the situation. If she keeps talking about how her dates were jerks, she might be trying to rile you up to see if you get jealous. But if she seriously likes a certain guy, you’re definitely in the friend zone.

• She talks about other women that you might like. This is another tricky sign because she might be doing this to assess her competition or to find out how you feel about other women. But if she keeps encouraging you to pay attention to other women, it’s like telling you that she doesn’t see you in a romantic way.

• She chooses to go out on a group date with you. If you invite her out on a date and she brings several friends with her, she might not be all that eager to spend some alone time with you. However, you have to read the situation carefully. If she’s really engrossed in your activities instead of paying special attention to you, then she’s saying that you’re just one of her friends.

• She keeps telling you how great of a friend you are. Among the dating tips about being in the friend-zone, this is the most obvious sign that you can possibly get from her. If she only wants to pursue a platonic relationship with you, she will keep reminding you about how grateful she is for your friendship.

• You share a few drinks, but you don’t get any reaction from her. When you’re both giggly yet she does not react to your subtle flirting, you’ve been friend-zoned.

• She does not make an effort to look nice for you. Otherwise, she would have raided her closet or gone shopping for new clothes and spend hours on creating the perfect look when you see each other. As your friend, she might be comfortable letting you see her even in her sweats.

• She does not tolerate physical contact. You tend to let people touch you if you like them, but if you try to touch her and she moves away, it means that you’re already in the friend zone. If she touches you and does the same thing to everybody else, she’s not treating you in any special way like how she would have done if she liked you romantically.

The best thing to do is to minimize spending time with here. Make yourself scarce to see if she will pursue you. If she does, it could mean that you’ll be out of the friend zone. But if she does the opposite, it means that you should just give her up and ask her to hook you up with other girls.…


The Story of the Missing Flower

I know I am not alone.

I know that every woman knows, especially those who are in a long-term relationship, that there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.

When you are already in a long-term relationship, you get to see how things have changed through the years.

Remember those sweet surprises for every monthsaries, those unexpected back hugs, those long night calls, and sweet long good morning and good night texts.

Can you still remember how butterflies kept on tingling your stomach everytime you catch your lover staring at you?

Every time my lover says those sweet I love you’s, it always makes me think how lucky and blessed am I to be loved by a gorgeous sweet man.

But then, let’s get real. We know that at some point, everything will be put on a test.

Yes, at some point in the relationship, tears heavily fell from my eyes.This time it was not because of happiness, but it was because of disappointment.

Should I blame myself for expecting too much? Or should I blame my lover for turning behind my back?

Days passed, everything was forgotten. Time healed the wounds, but the scars are still there.

Forgiving my lover is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I’ve seen a man grown into a better man.

Everything has become better.

But there’s still that missing piece. And I feel selfish for letting this out of my chest.

It has been one of my deepest secrets. I have never told anyone about this yet.

Now, all of you will know about it.

This may sound childish to some people, but please don’t judge me because of this.

First of all, I am a woman.

And I want to receive a flower. From him.

Yes, seven years in the relationship, he has not given me a single flower.

You are probably thinking how shallow am I for keeping a small hole in my heart just because of a flower.

Every night of Valentines Day, as I walk along the road to meet him, I can see women’s smiles while looking at the flowers on their arms and their lover beside them. I get to see men in their coolest Valentine outfits carrying flowers with a big smile on their faces.

I said, how sweet!

Then this made me think, I wish I get one when I meet him.

Then I arrived at the place where I’m going to meet my Valentino.

My valentine is standing in front of me. With no flower to give me.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit disappointed.

As I walk towards him, memories flashed back.

He may not have given me a flower yet, but I realized that he had given me more valuable things in life that I have never even thought of having.

More things that I will surely cherish my entire life.

He helped me become a better woman, a better daughter, a better individual, and a better life.

Set aside the flower, I know I’m blessed to have this man holding my hand, loving me with all his heart.


He loves me, and that’s enough.