We know that many people investigating the alternative of adoption are undecided in their planning. This makes
them the perfect candidates for The Family Building Through Adoption Course, for those sessions survey all aspects of domestic and international adoption.

But our course does much more than simply provide a summary of current opportunities in adoption. We take a very down-to-earth approach to adoption education, beginning with the basics such as how to select an adoption agency and what characteristics make for competent service providers; what is a home study; what are the special issues and risks involved with domestic and international adoptions;

how do adoptions really work and with expenses being so high, where does the money go?

FACE instructors are dedicated to providing the best information possible in such areas, and they are assisted by professionals and adoptive families in bringing forth the issues you need to consider.

A variety of reading materials are provided with the course including The FACE Adoption Resource Manual. This book is updated each year and contains essays by some of the most respected experts in the adoption community and a survey of child placement agencies active in the Mid-Atlantic region and other parts of the country.

With this publication, you will gain insight into the rewards of adoptive parenting and be able to determine specific adoptive parent criteria, i.e. age,religion, infertility, marital status, length of marriage, etc.

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