Dating is not a once in a lifetime thing that couples do, it is a natural obligation that both are enjoying to keep the relationship going. Some are stuck with the thought that dating should always be on fancy restaurants, exclusive gardens, or anywhere expensive. The real thought of dating does not include a must of spending too much. Dating is all about spending your time with special ones in your life and creating memories you could look back in the future.

If you don’t believe that it is possible to be all lovey-dovey without having to take out a big amount on your pocket, and then take a look at these simple Do It Yourself Ideas that might change your mind.

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Choco Love-ah
Give your man the opportunity to be in chocolate heaven. Prepare foods that have chocolate as an ingredient or even use it as a garnish. If you are the type who loves to put on the effort to please your partner, you might want to try cooking his favorite food with a touch of chocolate like Baby Back Ribs rubbed with cocoa, Hawaiian Pizza with melted chocolate, Grilled Chicken soaked in chocolate marinate, and many more. Let him taste your sweetness through your cooked meal.

A Date Full of Ideas
If you don’t want to have the same kind of date every time, then a themed date is the answer. Choose a theme – it could be Asian, Italian, Mexican, or kid’s party. Anything that you think would be interesting and fun. With your chosen theme, build the whole date around it. For example, the 1990s. Cook foods that you or your other half loved during those years, play 90s tracks that you both love the most, or you could even watch a 90s movie after dinner. With this, you don’t have to worry about what the next date would be.

Take-in your closest couples into your home, prepare the group games that all of you could enjoy. You could talk to your friends in advance and tell them about your plan, and if they could bring a comfort food that they enjoy as a couple. It would be a date full of laughter and good food.

Around The World in Your Home
Have a taste of the different delicacies around the world. Make each date a taste test of the many foods different countries could offer. Search the web for the different mouthwatering dishes from other countries, and give the verdict together – is it tasty or nasty.

A Night with the Stars
Gaze up the sky above as you see the stars dazzling your view, pop a bottle of champagne and snug up with your lover and share thoughts of love. Play a romantic music as you devour chips and cheese with a bottle of champagne and reminisce your past and plan for your future.

It’s a Movie Night
Arrange the bed to be as cozy as possible, bury yourselves on comfy pillows and comforters as you watch your favorite movie or a series the both of you enjoys. Prepare you’re your chips, popcorn, beer, or soda. Make it a night to relax and enjoy in the comfort of your home. read more…